Installation and use

Indaco ECON was designed as per the European Union requirements and Fiscal Code regulations. Indaco ECON is an easy-to-install software which can be used by any company or individual, whether they pay VAT or not.

-  The software installs in multi-company mode, the user being able to issue/manage invoices and receipts for several companies.

-  The Server version runs over the network and can be used on several computers simultaneously, with a single database. Each user will log into the application using a user name and password.

-  The Stand-alone version is aimed at clients not using the product in its Client-Server configuration. In this way, the user will not carry out any additional settings to add the local service installed along with the EconServer application server in the antivirus/firewall application lists.

-  New Indaco ECON 4.0 running on Windows operating systems 8 / 8.1.

- Software activation can take place automatically via the internet or over the phone.
- Technical support is provided for a period of 12 months from the acquisition program.

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