Issuing invoices

Indaco ECON issues fiscal invoices, proforma invoices, receipts and waybills.

Indaco ECON issues invoices as per the provisions of article 137 of the Fiscal Code in force since 01.01.2008.

The software generates statement 394 “regarding the deliveries/ works and purchases made on national territory”, which must be submitted at the financial administration’s headquarters in electronic format as per the Fiscal Code and O.M.F.P. 3596/ 19.12.2011- MEF form code;

As per the 2009 changes to the Fiscal Code, the issued invoices display the purchaser’s

CIF/CNP and J.

Include changes valid from 01.01.2013 (apply or not apply VAT collection).

Indaco ECON automatically retrieves the daily exchange rate from Indaco servers, if the user has an internet connection.

The user may enter prices in foreign currency. In this way, the invoice will display sums in foreign currency or they will be automatically exchanged and displayed in LEI, depending on the user’s option. The exchange rate is displayed on the invoice.

Receipts can be printed in lei and foreign currency.

The VAT value can be automatically subtracted from the product/service price, a very useful function for those knowing the product/service VAT inclusive price.

Products and services are entered into a library which is manageable from within the software. A brief description for each product or service can be entered.

Indaco ECON has a delegate library. This function facilitates and streamlines invoice recording, as the user will not be required to enter delegate data for each recorded invoice.

If the user wishes to display several bank accounts on the invoice, they can be entered into the software, and when issuing the invoice he can choose to print all or some of them.

When entering an invoice, different VAT values may be used, there is no single VAT limit per invoice.

the software operates with the following VAT values:

- 24%

- 19%

- 9%

- 5%

- Exempt with deductibility rights

- Exempt without deductibility rights

- Not taxable in Romania

- Not included

- Reverse taxation

- VAT included

All information entered into the billing software are automatically verified and validated, the user being warned in the event input errors are found.

The data of the user issuing the document are automatically printed on it: name and surname, CNP, identification data (BI/CI). 

Reversing an invoice is quick, not requiring any information to be entered into the software.

Indaco ECON is integrated with the email client (Outlook, Eudora etc.) to send invoices, proforma invoices, bills, waybills and reports via email.

The billing software’s user screens are highly intuitive, so that it can be used by people with no special PC skills.

Indaco ECON supports cancellation of issued invoices and receipts; the canceled numbers are not usable in issuing other invoices/bills and will be retained in the database as cancelled.

If the user owns an electronic signature license, the software enables its insertion, thus being able to digitally sign the generated documents.

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